There Exists an Inherent Human Paradigm within all Cognitive Sentient and Biological Beings       
Millions of people struggle with emotional health and it's affecting their physical health.  They try many different approaches and modalities that often become frustrating and feel worse than before they started looking.  The truth is that with the popular paradigm offered up by science and academia, it is near impossible to become truly happy and/or truly healthy. 

Let me show you that it is possible to enjoy life on your own terms, and that what you need to know is already within you and exists as an inherent paradigm or "a natural way of thinking" and viewing the world and the people around you.  Based on 25 years of multidisciplinary experiential research and study and the discovery of something universal which affects all cognitive biological organism such as the human being is... 

“I noticed my sense of humor returning, appetite returning, toxins leaving my body” 

 "I’ve been more relaxed, clear-headed, I’ve noticed rancid urine, lack of appetite, slightly detached yet calm” 

 "I noticed gross smelling urine, reduction of pain, a sense of calm, a better sense of understanding”

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