Correlation of Depressive Mood, Remission and Systemic Detoxification

About the Session:

Discussing case studies showing systemic detoxification, sustainability and growth by introduction of C=ea2 theory perspective.

1. “I noticed my sense of humor returning, appetite returning, toxins leaving my body” .  2010 Nathan Ablright (PTSD).

2. ” I’ve been more relaxed, clear-headed, I’ve noticed rancid urine, lack of appetite, slightly detached yet calm”.  2011 Jon Elder Military (PTSD)

3. ” I noticed gross smelling urine, reduction of pain, a sense of calm, a better sense of understanding”.  2016 Lee Riddolls (Autoimmune Disease).

Presenter Profile:

2013-2016, Joseph Richard Crant was invited to present during International Conference (China). Invited to submit clinical trials proposal (Ontario) – approved special affiliate of CPA – On the air at Hamilton news AM900. Entered into communication with Canada’s Ministry of Health (Mental health management portfolio).

Joseph Richard Crant
A full paper is coming soon that will hopefully be published before the end of 2018.  Thank you for your interest and please visit me at :